Too much of a good thing.

By now we’ve all seen and heard about the changes for Fall ‘s TV lineup. My fav, Scandal, is returning (yay!) and moving to a earlier time slot so this momma won’t fall asleep waiting for it anymore! But I also couldn’t help but notice (see what I did there?) that The Carrie Diaries is no more.

Are we surprised?

It really got me thinking about knowing when to say when. As a self-professed S&TC fanatic, I can without question say I love all things Carrie and the gals but I also know when enough is enough.

Did I get excited for S&TC the movie take 1?
Did I get all dressed up and make a night of it in my best shoes with my best gals and see it on opening night?
Did I love it and get embarrassingly emotional watching it?
Did I buy it the day it came out on DVD?
Did I get excited for S&TC the movie take 2?
Did I make a night of the premiere with my best girls and my best shoes once again?
Strangely enough, the group was much smaller this time around.
Did I like it?
Parts of it were enjoyable.
Did I buy it?
Have I watched the Carrie Diaries?
Rumors of S&TC movie take 3?

Is it just me or is Hollywood out of original ideas? Everything and I mean everything now is a book, remake or sequel to a prequel to a sequel (I’m looking at you Star Wars). Sometimes there really IS too much of a good thing.

It takes away from the wonderful grandeur and spectacular awesomeness that is the original. It makes you love your first love a little bit less because all the excess irritates you (and you can’t help but take it out on the ones you love).

So let’s all agree, less is certainly more.




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